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Our Story

My husband and I were tired of “our stuff” being cold. Whether we were in the frozen tundra of Rochester or an air conditioned resort in Thailand, we had experienced too many freezing moments.

We wanted “our stuff” warm. With the help of Chris Hawker’s team at Trident Design, we created Warm It!™ – a handheld device that warms and dispenses ‘stuff’ from small packets. Then our lawyers at Gray Robinson, P.A. got us a United States Utility Patent.

As we showed our friends Warm It!™, we discovered all sorts of “stuff” they also wanted warm.

After testing a variety of products, we can confidently say…

Warm is better!

Whatever, and I mean whatever, you want warm…

Warm It!™


Owner – Warm It!, LLC

Your Opportunity

Ways you can get involved

1. Demand Your Brand

What do you warm? You can ‘Demand Your Brand‘ by leaving a comment below. Tell us which Brand/Product you want warm! The more you demand a product, the better our chances are at getting it for you! Companies listen to social media demands!

2. Rep Your Brand

Do you have a brand/product already in eXpack’s UniTube™ sample packets? You can represent your brand by partnering with us to give your sample UniTube packets away for free on our website. Market and expand your brand by partnering with us!

3. Sell Your Brand

If you have a brand/product already, you can ‘Sell Your Brand‘ to be used with Warm It™. It’s very affordable to do a first run of UniTube™ packets to see if your customers like it better warm!

4. Start Your Own Private Label Brand

Have you ever wanted your own boutique business? You can create your own private label cream, oil, gel, etc., sold with the Warm It!™ product line. We have multiple examples for you! Click here for more details on this opportunity.

5. Become an Affiliate

Earn up to 30% on the sales you generate through your efforts. Details at the Affiliate Area.

Help us bring warmth to your world!


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