We need your help to expand the Warm It!™ product line.

What do you want warm?

Spend roughly $5000 to do a minimum UniTube run on a Private Label massage oil, cream, lubricant, lotion, etc., and we will sell it as a part of the Warm It™ product line.

Total sales on that minimum production run will be roughly $27,000.

Thus, your profit is roughly $22,000.

That’s pretty good! So good, maybe you will do more than one? Maybe you’ll want to start your own private label brand?

Our plan is to build a large brand with 100’s of options for the consumer to use. It’s a similar business model that Keurig Coffee has used.

Here are a couple examples of private label products that we believe will be best sellers.

1. Nectarine Massage Oils – The minimum production run is 30,000 UniTubes (4ml), requiring roughly 40 gallons of product at roughly $40/gallon for a total of $5,120. Sales price of a pack of 10 UniTubes would be $8.99. So 3000 packs at $8.99 equals roughly $27,000 for a profit of roughly $22,000.

2. Nectarine Hand Lotions – Same number roughly as listed in number one.

3. Bulk Apothecary 100% Pure Grapeseed Massage Oil – Expenses ($4,640) slightly less as it only costs $26/gallon. Profits roughly the same.

4. Pure Source Incorporated lotions, creams, sunscreen, etc. – Will contact them to get their pricing numbers.

We will continue to research more options for you!

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