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Baby Lotions and Nursing Creams.

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    Have you ever heard "THAT's FREEZING" when you applied room temperature lotion, gel, or cream? Well no more! WarmIt!™ is a new patented handheld device that warms and dispenses gels, creams, lotions, and oils from single-use packets. Whatever you want warm...WarmIt!™
  • Bring cooling comfort to red, dry, itchy, irritated skin. This all natural scent-free formula with calming calendula and raspberry butter restores moisture balance, while nourishing probiotics and neem oil fortify and soothe developing skin. The probiotics in our formulas ensure that baby skin is balanced and healthy with good bacteria. Soothing Cream can be used to soothe eczema, dermatitis, cradle cap, baby acne or diaper rash. It can also be layered under Sunny Sunscreen for a silky smooth application or under Snuggly Lotion for extra hydration. Top-rated by customers. Please note: for raw skin, Nurturing Balm is best.
  • Our HPA® Lanolin provides the safest, most effective relief for breastfeeding moms experiencing nipple soreness. Apply a pea-sized amount after each feeding to soothe and protect sore, dry, and cracked nipples. Our cream was carefully designed to be a 100% natural, single-ingredient product, which means it’s safe for both mom and baby and contains no additives or preservatives. HPA® Lanolin is hypoallergenic and we are proud to be the #1 recommended nipple cream by lactation consultants and doctors in the US.
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    Do you have a brand/product that you think your customers would want warm? Do you want to increase the sales of your products? Let us promote your brand with FREE sample packs...Or, using the minimum requirements to include your product in the Warm It! product line, in round numbers, for around $5000 in expenses, you could net $22,000 in profits. Contact Us for more details! We want as many brands/products as possible to 'Bring Warmth' to our customer's World!
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    Do you want it warm? What brand would you like? Click HERE to leave a short message in the comment section of the 'About Us' page. Tell us the brand and product you want warm and we will work to get that product here. The more demand for a certain brand/product, the easier it is for us to convince the company to make it for you!
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